Bisley Workwear: Real Men Wear Pink

Bisley Workwear is regarded as one of Australia’s most trustworthy, durable and honest brands. Combining competitive pricing, exceptional quality and accessibility with the very latest in innovative technologies, the Bisley Workwear range delivers the very best Workwear, Safety Wear and Protective Wear for men and women.

Bisley Workwear has seen an opportunity for the Workwear community to give back by sponsoring and supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Bisley will be donating $3 from the sale of each Pink Shirt in their new range to NBCF and have aligned with NBCF as a Platinum Partner for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

The new pink workwear range includes two night and day compliant and one night only compliant high visibility safety garments in both men’s and women’s styles. Bisley Workwear’s ambassadors Scott Cam and Kyal and Kara from The Block Fans vs Faves are fronting up to wear Bisley pink in support of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign. They’re encouraging work sites across Australia to ‘Pink Up’ by purchasing shirts from the Pink Range and holding Real Men Wear Pink days to raise funds for NBCF.

To support this worthwhile cause please purchase genuine products from

$3 from the sale of Bisley Pink Workwear will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat

Camping doesn’t mean that you have a horrid night’s sleep! In fact if you have the presence of mind to take a Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat with you; you may feel guilty that you are not roughing it at all.

What is a self-inflating mat?
Self-inflating mats are absolutely brilliant, well at least this one is and how it works is incredibly simple especially after a long day driving or hiking to your campsite.
The short explanation is that it is an airtight sleeve that has a foam block inside. You carry your Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat rolled up inside of its carry bag.
When you are ready to use it remove it from the bag and open the valve. As the foam expands it sucks air inside and when it is fully expanded you close off the valve by tightening it.
To store it when you are ready to leave simply reopen the valve and roll it up. This pushes the air out. Once you have finished rolling just tighten the valve again which seals the unit until you need to use it again. Here’s the official blurb from Blackwolf:

The ultimate in comfort, 10cm thick with a Micro stretch fabric top you won’t be roughing it on your next camping trip with one of these! And it blows itself up! New velcro side strips to join 2 mats, non-slip base, dual side heavy duty spring valves for rapid inflation, waterproof pumpsack and repair kit included.

5 reasons why buying a self-inflating mat from Blackwolf is a great idea
1. Super comfy and you can snuggle just like you do with your mattress at home
2. Easy to set up, no stress and very simple to use
3. Unlike other options such as airbeds and stretchers they provide insulation and stop the cold coming through from the ground underneath
4. Absolutely no energy is needed to get them ready to use
5. They roll up into a compact bundle and are light weight – the average is just over 3 kilos
So next time you are going camping or looking for the best sleeping mat to buy, check out the Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat.

Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013


It’s almost Father’s Day, what are you going to buy your very deserving dad? What? Haven’t thought about it? Do you always leave it to the last minute? Well don’t stress! We have taken the drama out of Father’s Day for you by coming up with some interesting gift giving ideas…

Have you considered active wear? Fishing Clothing? Protective Workwear? Workwear may be a non-traditional kind of present for Father’s Day but what you are really saying is that you love him so much that you want him to be safe. We stock a range of Bisley Insect Protection shirts & socks. We also have a large collection of high quality work shirts and pants – these can make excellent gifts. What about if you  buy him that high vis vest to replace the tatty old worn one that isn’t really hi vis anymore?!

HiVisinsectprotectionBrahmafishing shirt cargo

Ok so workwear might not be your thing. How about helping your father shine some light in the dark with a fantastic new torch. I don’t know about your dad but mine can never find a torch when he needs it, or at least one that works. Buy him a brand new torch with bright LED’s that he can take everywhere  and never be left in the dark.

2410stealthmini magled lensermag led maglite red

Another obscure but awesome gift idea is a Pelican Case. Pelican cases are fantastic storage solutions for absolutely anything you can think of; they are tough and durable and will keep the contents within safe and sound. My favourite for dad are the memory card cases that will keep all of his important memory cards in one place so he no longer loses them. With a liner that protects them, a water resistant seal and an exterior made of an ultra-tough polycarbonate resin he will not only be able to find his memory cards but they will be protected from damage as well.

pistol haedback micro PC hardcasesmallcasewithfoam

For more Father’s Day Gift ideas visit our Father’s Day Gift Guide featuring products with  promotional prices*:

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2103

*NB Promotion ends 1 September 2013

Everyone should own a Multi-tool!

Most outdoorsy types that I know, that love camping, bushwalking, fishing and doing everything in the great outdoors swear that they never go away without their favourite multi- tool.

Of course it is not practical to carry a whole swag of tools around when you travel especially when some of the time you will be on foot, a lightweight yet strong multi-tool with various components is the next best thing to a tool kit and it fits easily on your belt or in your pocket.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the accessories on a basic multi-tool and how they can be used:

Bottle Opener

This is an easy one especially for those that enjoy a cool one after a long days drive or hike. Pack one less utensil and use your multi-tool to open that bottle that is going to quench your hard earned thirst.

Can Opener

Okay so you can pack two less utensils because most multi-tools have a handy can opener attached that can open pesky cans when it comes to chowing down on some camp food.

Medium/Small/Phillips Screwdriver

These screwdrivers will help you repair anything that has screws. Loose wires on the motor of the car, a fishing reel that needs attention or a loose leg on the camp stool these little beauties will undo or tighten all different sizes of screws.

Spring-action Needlenose/Regular Pliers

You can get a grip with the pliers on a multi-tool. Pick something hot out of a fire or a splinter out of a finger or even a hook out of a fish!

These are some quick examples of how you can use multi-tools in the outdoors but really there is no limit to how, when or where they can be used so make sure you take one along on your next trip!!

leatherman tool juice Swiss Army Collection leatherman militarySwiss Army Knife Lock Blade Victorinox

Flashlight & Torch Safety

pelican Pocketsabre2c

What makes a flashlight or torch safe to use in hazardous areas?

Do you know how safe your torch or flashlight is to use in hazardous areas? If you are like most people it is probably not a question that you have considered simply because a flashlight is a flashlight and they are safe to use in any conditions.

The real truth is that in certain hazardous conditions there are factors that can make using a flashlight or torch risky if safety elements haven’t been considered.

What are the risks of an average torch or flashlight?

There are three elements in the operation of a torch/flashlight that may be risky in certain environments and they are:

·         Heat is generated from electrical energy during use.

·         A small spark is produced when they are turned on.

·         Every flashlight has a filament that gets very hot.

Did you know that you can actually use a flashlight to start a fire in an emergency situation?

Defining hazardous environments

Hazardous areas are where there is a risk of fire and explosion from fibres and other combustibles or flammable vapours or liquids. They vary according to the types of materials that are stored or present there and a thorough understanding of the risks is imperative to ensure safety when using a flashlight.

You may need a safety rated torch/flashlight in:

·         Mines

·         Warehouses

·         Manufacturing

·         Some camping situations

How to know if your torch or flashlight is safe?

Different environments pose different risks and one thing that you can look for when you are purchasing a flashlight is the safety rating that is on the packaging.

Flashlights may be safety rated depending on the temperature rating and where it may be used. When you need a flashlight that will be specifically used in a hazardous environment the rating that you need to look for on the packaging must meet the applicable safety standards for that environment.

Some of the safety features that you can look for include:

·         Body: the material that it is made from that resists extreme conditions such as shock, drops and chemicals.

·         Battery polarity tray: this prevents the flashlight operating if a battery is inverted and avoids outgassing from a battery inserted the wrong way.

·         Umbrella valve: this releases any internal pressure build up while keeping the unit waterproof.

·         Gas absorption: pellets may be present to absorb the excess hydrogen to reduce the risk of explosion.    

For more torch & flashlight information please refer to individual product descriptions at :            

What is a Pelican Space Case?

Are you running out of space and trying to organise all your precious belongings at the home or office? Or maybe you travel for work and you need  special cases to protect your valuable gear…

Have you heard of the Pelican Space Case? It is an amazing, durable, storage and transit solution!

A Space Case is more than a storage container it is a premium option for all of your storage and transport needs. Constructed from a high strength UV stabilised polyethylene plastic with interlocking ribs for secure stacking and a weather resistant gasket seal you can feel confident that anything stored inside will be protected when stacked or transported.

As we all know there are many hazards that can affect our equipment and the manufacturers of  Space Case have thought of absolutely everything.

Pelican Space Case


The materials used will not dent and provide resistance from dust, oils, chemicals and moisture plus they are never going to rust so no problems with deterioration over time…

The security features are just as strong as the rest of the cases and you can lock them up knowing that nobody is going to tamper with their contents. These cases are made to military standards.

Whether you are transporting tools, photographic equipment or other gear that that needs protection from the elements the Space Case collection will have a storage solution to suit your needs.

To view the full range of Space Case products visit


What is HIGH VIS Work Clothing?

People wear high visibility work clothing (also known as high Vis work clothing ) so that they can be seen, and be seen easily especially in situations that may carry a high risk.

High visibility workwear has been used principally on worksites to ensure the safety of workers and has evolved with technology to become lighter, more flexible and safer.

Industries that use high visibility workwear include:


  • Drivers of heavy vehicles carry high visibility clothing in their vehicles in case they have an emergency at night time and need to get out of the vehicle by the side of a busy road.
  • Tow truck drivers are constantly in high-risk situations as they work to safely tow vehicles on roads and freeways.
  • Forklift drivers and warehouse workers use high visibility workwear while they are working to ensure that they are easily seen.


Most workers on constructions sites use high visibility clothing, as construction is one of the most dangerous industries in Australia with a high number of fatalities every year.

High vis gear is seen as an essential component of workers PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on all building sites to keep them safe from accidents and injury.

Emergency Services

Ambulance, Police, Fire and SES (State Emergency Service) all use forms of high visibility gear especially at nighttime and in adverse weather conditions where visibility is compromised by wind and rain.

High visibility clothing can also be used in a number of recreational settings as well to ensure safety such as:


High visibility clothing is useful when on the road in conditions that have poor visibility.


If you are a keen runner at nighttime or when visibility is poor there are a number of high visibility products that can help keep you safe.


One of the dangers of riding a motorbike is not being seen, especially by large vehicles at night, and a high vis vest helps to ensure that you can be seen on the road especially in emergency situations.

eQUIPMENTGEAR stocks a large range of High Visibility Work Clothing from trusted, well known brands such as Bisley and Brahma.

Bisley Brahma

Bisley: Workwear for Men & Women

Bisley Workwear has built its 55-year reputation as an Australian icon by providing durable, quality work clothing, safety wear, business clothing and casual wear for men & women. With the modern trademark depicting a Boar they feel that it effectively symbolises the resilient nature of the clothes that they make.

Let’s have a closer look at the reasons why Bisley Workwear is the best choice when it comes to buying work clothes that need to last:

Sun protection: It’s getting hotter for longer in Australia and if you are working outside sun protection is what you need to stay safe. Bisley Workwear with sun protection complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4399:1996 and provides a range of protection to suit your needs.


Extra strong: Bisley understand the tough requirements of an industrial environment and use this knowledge in their workwear designs. Reinforced stitching, bartacks, rivets and heavy-duty materials are all standard for the durable industrial range.


Keeping cool: Special materials that are lightweight and breathe are guaranteed to keep you cool in even the hottest situations.


Easy to fit: No need to be concerned about size or being uncomfortable with “stretch” built into garments to give everyone a comfortable range of movement.


No more sweat: If you choose the Hydrophilic workwear you can say goodbye to the discomfort of wet, sweaty clothes. This special clothing draws the perspiration from the skin through to the outside layer of the garment and keeping you dry.


These are just some of the many reasons why choosing Bisley Workwear simply makes sense. With a broad range of clothing to fit any situation everyone can find what he or she needs for the workplace environment.

At we have a large range of Bisley products at great prices. To check out availability and to see the specials that we have on offer till the end of March make sure that you visit our Bisley category so that you don’t miss out.



Pelican Aquires Australian Based Spacecase manufacturer Trimcast

U.S Based Pelican Products Pty. Ltd. took over Australian-based custom packaging solutions provider Trimcast late in 2011. The move brought two legendary brands together enhancing equipment case and custom packaging solution offerings in the Australasia region.

“As we continue to grow our global business both organically and through strategic acquisitions such as this, it’s important that we bring companies into our family of businesses that meet both our business goals and have a similar culture and outlook – Trimcast meets both those criteria,” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican Products.


“We are extremely pleased to be working with them to offer our customers throughout Australasia, the enhanced capabilities that no other case company in the world can offer.”

Trimcast is an Australian-based leader in the design and manufacture of custom packaging solutions and has been serving the market for more than 30 years. It has distinguished itself with a reputation for premium products and protective packaging services and is the major case supplier to the Australian Defence Force, as well as other NATO forces and Commercial/Industrial companies around the world.

They will continue to manufacture their full line of products which includes the extremely popular Spacecase® line and work in tandem in Australasia with Pelican to advance the custom packaging solutions category.

“Pelican Products as a multi-national company will automatically multiply Trimcast’s market for custom packaging solutions and we couldn’t be more pleased,” said Alan Gibson, Founder of Trimcast. “This is a perfect fit for both companies and we are proud to be part of the Pelican team and look forward to working with them to pioneer advances in equipment protection technologies.”

Pelican equipment cases are preferred by professionals such as military, fire services, law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts, who work and play in extreme conditions across the globe. The addition of Trimcasts rotomoulded Spacecase range was a perfect fit to a thoroughbred stable in the industry